We’re Blue Stone

Blue Stone Construction is an all-purpose builder constructing a wide variety of quality residential and commercial buildings, such as: custom homes, apartments, commercial properties, and subdivisions. 

Our award-winning Blue Stone Collection of Homes consisting of over 30 original models has been serving as inspiration for families all across Florida, with a focus in Pasco, Hernando, Citrus and Marion counties for close to 40 years

Our History

Since the early 80’s, Blue Stone and the DeMaria family have built thousands of beautiful homes all across the state of Florida with a key phrase in mind: “Cheap costs you more in the long run, every time.” 

It’s important that you understand that at Blue Stone we don’t just build homes that meet code, we craft homes that go above and beyond the status quo along with a level of integrity that makes your Blue Stone the best built house on the block.

Blue Stone Benefits

With Blue Stone, we want you to be confident that your home or project will be handled with the utmost care and detail. That is precisely why we’ve focused on making your experience easy and efficient by committing to the following Blue Stone Benefits:


At Blue Stone, quality is a priority. We build homes that stand the test of time, so “Churn and Burn” has never been part of our identity. We make your home the way we’d make our homes; with high quality materials and with the utmost care.


We’ve heard the horror stories: not all builders can keep their projects on track or even keep their clients in the loop. At Blue Stone, you can be assured that your experience with our team is held as high importance. We pride ourselves in taking good care of our clients and are not strangers to some real, in-person conversation. Blue Stone exists to serve, so that’s why we always try to put the “human” back into customer service.


You may think that you can’t have both quality and speed; “Pick one”, right?

Well, with Blue Stone you can. We’ve built long-lasting relationships with some of the finest teams in Florida that know how to do things right the first time. 

Pairing that with our efficient time management and workflow processes, the Blue Stone build time cuts the competition’s time in HALF!* You should not have to wait 12 months or more for the completion of your home. 4 to 6 months sounds more like it!**

*Assuming an average sized residential home

**From the time construction starts, with moderate potential rain delays and typical engineering requirements


If you’ve heard it once, you’ll hear it again: “Cheap costs more in the long run, everytime.”. 

The Blue Stone value is your home’s legacy. Quality materials, experienced teams, and a fine attention to detail will give you a value for your dollar that a cheap home just can’t match.

Areas Served

Blue Stone can build all throughout the state of Florida. If you’d like to learn more about the most popular areas communities we’ve worked in, you can check out our areas served page.

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